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Jun 12, 2011 7:30am EDT
partners eden and erin. >> we wanted women to get information quickly and easily. you are not stuck in a chat room where you may spend hours trying to find your search topic. you can see answers in a snapshot and move on with your day. >> skinny scoop is a constituent essential ad-supported company with all the content join online. they communicate with users from facebook, e-mail, twitter and blogs. >> we view facebook, twitter and others as it is a great way for us to package up some of the nuggets and share them. and we see then people will click through and want to learn more. >> like what would be a nugget? >> so a nugget might be you would be surprised how many women admit to spanking their child. click here to see more. >> butterin and eden say the price is right for the marketing, it is basically free, it is not enough. the problem with only communicating online is it is just not personal. >> it has been really important for us to show that myself and erin are two women just like the women who engage with us. and that there really is a personality, not some nebulous corporat
Jun 18, 2011 5:30am EDT
be you'd be surprised how many women admit to spanking their child. click here to see more. >> but erin and eden say though the price is right for that kind of marketing, it's basically free, it's not enough. the problem is only communicating online is it's just not personal. >> it's been really important for us to show that myself and erin are two women just like the women who engage with us and that there really is a personality not some nebraska louse corporation behind skinnyscoop. >> erin and eden are the brand. they started the company because as busy moms they needed this service in their own lives. >> let's go brush teeth and then socks and shoes. >> that's why they frequently come out from behind their computers and meet their community. or prospective community members in person. on a recent tuesday evening, erin showed up at a girls' night out party of skinny skst scoop users and brought out some skinny scoop questions. >> i always wondered about that same question. >> erin only reached about 20 women that night. not nearly as many through an email campaign. not to mention it
Jun 29, 2011 5:00pm EDT
is on the many case. serves as a csi for pet. but don't into the idea too quickly. erin donovan has the scoop literally. >> reporter: getting doggy dna as their pet project. >> came up with the pet i.d. you have the permanent proof that is your dog. >> reporter: but also in the business of doing a little detective work. >> everybody has had instances where this has happened, where somebody finds poop in your front yard. >> reporter: the pet lab created intoprints. >> because we had the infrastructure in place, because we had the given on file. we saw what a huge problem this was with people not picking up after their dogs. dog owners are responsible, but there are those who don't. >> reporter: now, this isn't for everyone, but some neighborhoods have repeat offenders. >> realize that by having the dna on file for a certain group of dogs be it a subdivision or apartment complex, we had the dna on file. you can send in a sample of poop that someone did not pick up. >> reporter: these detectors don't always get good feedback. >> it's extreme in both directions. people see it as something very po
FOX News
Jun 23, 2011 5:00pm EDT
. >> bon appetit. >> glenn: welcome to the "glenn beck program." good news! good news. c'mere, erin. c'mere. this is the last show erin is doing with me. that's actually the sad news. the iea is releasing emergency oil. that is the good news. if you are having problem with the gas pump, don't worry. the whole world is riding to your rescue. they are getting involved. they are going to put 60 million-barrels of oil right there. you're responsible, the united states 60 million-barrels for the whole world. we're responsible for half of that. you it will relieve pressure elsewhere. here is what we have to understand. nobody will do a marshal plan for the united states. i'm sick and tired of the redistribution of wealth. no one will send us one hershey candy bar. not one. we need to rebuild ourselves of the we will stand alone. the good news is you have never heard this phrase. thank goodness the french are here. it's always thank goodness the americans are here. the americans are already here. we have to remember who we are. we warned you about the mideast. we warn it would bring on an oil
Jun 28, 2011 4:30pm PDT
and history museum, come on up. [applause] then we have our community grand marshals, dr. erin belkin, victoria korakowski, christiana remmington, therese terry st uart, dr. roland stringfellow. [applause] grayland k. thornton. [applause] these are our grand marshals this year. congratulations to each of you. thank you for being part of our city's official pride month and parade. [applause] hold on. then i would like to note that we have special certificates of honor ofrom my office and the board of supervisors to present these proclamations to the very special lisa williams and executive brendan bian for this year's honors. [applause] congratulations. we have certificates for each and everyone of you that are about to be passed out as well. once we do that, we can take bigger picture. -- we can take a group picture. we present to you all of the official grand marshals of this year's pride parade. thank you. [applause] thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you, mayor lee. i did think i might make a surprise announcement that i am running for mayor of san francisco. but i reconsider
Jun 28, 2011 11:00pm PDT
are reported dead. as for fatalities that is unclear. reporter erin cunningham managed to get close to the scene. she joins us now by phone. erin? >> reporter: what it looks like is the taliban fighters launched an atault on the hotels in which at least one blew himself up at the front gate in order to allow the other gunmen to enter. after that they took positions on the roof of the hotel where they were engaged in an hour-long gun battle with the afghan police. later on the afghan national army arrived at the scene, stormed the hotel and evacuated many of the guests. it's unclear right now how many guests were actually staying at the hotel at the time. however, there were rpgs being launched, artillery fire, and it finally concluded with nato attack helicopters coming to engage the insurgents on the roof. >> erin, this clearly has hallmarks of other attacks that we have seen, even in cube kabul itself and in pakistan, small groups of suicide bombers invading facilities and basically shooting who they can blowing people up and trying to create as much mayhem as possible. it echoes
Jun 24, 2011 5:30pm EDT
. >> reporter: erin, and kai andsamone are now 6 years old. for our viewers who may be going through the same situation -- >> if they don't give up, they can be parents also. i'm a mother, nonthe less. when i look into my children's eyes and they smile at me, it was all worth it. >>> they've set up a fund to help other families. you can find the link after the show on >>> a little fun for area children fighting diseases. they got a break of doctor's visits for a fun day. they had lunch and a scavenger hunt throughout the museum. this is one of 6 programs through the casey cares foundation. >>> this is a perfect day for a field trip. it felt awesome today. that's good news! >> it makes a big difference. it's coming back! she's about to ruin your day. >> let me show you what's going on. people are on the dragon boats. that's a beautiful day for that. i hope you enjoyed it. we'll enjoy what we have now. the temperature is at 85 degrees and the humidity is at 45%. we'll show you the dew points in a moment and the winds aric pentagon up as well -- the winds are picking up as well. we
Jun 28, 2011 7:00pm PDT
concluded with nato attack helicopters coming to engage the insurgents on the roof. >> erin, this clearly has hallmarks of other attacks that we have seen, even in kabul itself and in pakistan. small groups of gunmen, suicide bombers invading facilities and basically shooting who they can, blowing people up and trying to create as much mayhem as possible. it also kind of echos back to the mumbai attacks in india. what does it say this had to be brought to an end essentially by nato helicopters and the security forces in the capital didn't seem up to the job of doing this themselves? >> right. i think that's a major concern right now. and a question that has to be answered by the afghan security forces in the coming days as it becomes more clear how this attack unfolded. now, the attack itself while spectacular isn't necessarily a strategic gain for the taliban. the taliban cannot take the city per se but they can launch these high profile attacks that draw a lot of attention. and then it falls on the afghan security forces to end it quickly. but there is still that divide between the afgh
FOX News
Jun 14, 2011 5:00pm EDT
to miss you. are you going to miss me? wee little erin. >> not so much. >> glenn: she's off the side of the camera going please don't shake your booty like that. he used entrepreneurship. he did it. was it good or bad? i am still here to tell you i think it was bad. but i don't know if we believe that anymore. show you tonight what is built in egypt today. mind-blowing comments from the egyptian sheikh who said that muslims, their financial problems in egypt, all stem from the fact they abandoned jihad. his solution? he's got one. the problem is they weren't going on raids anymore or bringing back prisoners like women and children to be sold on open market like groceries. we told you last night he said well, i was just taken out of kwon text. he said he was talking about something legal in the quran. oh. he said he was talking about the spoils of war. watch. >> glenn: what? it's a legal transaction. go to the market and buy one. this was a clarification of the earlier remarks but i think it's worse than the first one. he is like you don't get it. you go buy them and they're yours. it
Jun 13, 2011 6:00am EDT
of administrative hearings. come up here, erin. how are you doing? >> i'm doing well. how are you? >> great. >> tell us about the maryland office of administrative hearings. >> we do impartial hearings for all-state agencies. >> can i come before you for a hearing? >> you sure can. >> reporter: are you going to be impartial? >> i'll be very impartial. >> everybody say "hello." you all came down. >> i'm dick o'connor. >> hi, lisa. sandra. >> jenny sombers. >> and linda. >> reporter: thank you all for coming down. you look so spiffy. >> back to you on tv hill. we have our crew here. we have norman. the coach. good morning, gentlemen. how are you? >> coach is just back from the tony's. luther and joe. >> good morning, maryland. >> good to see you. >> hold on, excuse me. all right, here we go. luther, let me hear those manic words. >>> maestro, music, if you please. >> reporter: i missed that. great to see you, luther is in the house and so is the music. . >> where are you spinning this weekend? >> i'm down at francis scott chemo tor inn in ocean city. >> here we go, stand by. ♪ [ singing "just anothe
Jun 30, 2011 6:30pm EDT
,000 american jobs. and abc's erin hayes traveled to some small towns where those small-town investments are already making a big difference. >> reporter: from a potter's wheel in the tiny delta town of dumas, arkansas, comes work that is prized all over the country. >> and no bigger thrill than walking through a hotel and see our peemss all over the place. >> reporter: beautiful pieces. made by gail miller, her two friends and family, right in their little hometown. >> the grandchildren, my children, my husband, we all prepare whatever needs to be done. >> reporter: their pottery operation was g gen t t boost it needed by an organization known as arkansas delta made. it takes made in america to the local level. >> 20 left. >> reporter: by giving arkansas craftsmen a market for their work, in stores, on a website. their artwork and jewelry and all kinds of creations. >> we've got chocolate gravy from up near mark tree, which is fantastic and a true southerer staple. >> reporter: in its three years of operation, arkansas delta made says it's helped create or save close to 300 jobs. by sel
Jun 28, 2011 12:00pm PDT
some sort of suicide attack in afghanistan at the intercontinental hotel. erin, bring me up to speed. what do you know. what happened? >> reporter: well, actually, what we're hearing right now is that there were three taliban fighters that were able to penetrate the hotel. one detonated on the second floor. right now there are several snipers on the roof who are firing at afghan security forces. backup has been coming pretty steadily since i got here a half hour ago. just about five minutes ago there were rpg's launched from the roof of the hotel toward the area of the vice president's house, the first vice president. and everyone is -- there are a lot of people fleeing the scene. i'm about 500 meters from the door of the hotel. but afghan security forces won't allow us to go any further. we're continuing to hear small arms fire right now. >> this is still an ongoing situation. i hear you, you're not too far from the front door of this intercontinental hotel? can you just -- bigger picture, how long ago did this attack happen? >> it probably started about an hour and a half ago, that
Jun 28, 2011 5:00pm PDT
dam thank you so much, and stay safe. >> thank you. >>> we are now joined by erin cunningham, she was at the hotel with bette and keeps us updated on all the developments and joins us by phone. can you hear me? >> yes. >> to the best of your knowledge, you were there earlier in the day, what happened at the beginning of this assault? what led everyone to understand the taliban was there? was it massive explosions? how did this evolve over the early hours? >> well, it began initially as an assault on the hotel where the taliban insurgents apparently detonated their explosives at the gate of the hotel after gunmen formed in in order to take control of the premises. after that it evolved into a fairly intense artillery and gun battle over the course of five hours, i was here when rpg's were being launched from the roof by taliban instuurgents in the city as well as what sounded like mortar fire earlier in the morning. now, nato helicopters fired on the hotel, however, we're continuing to hear gunfire as we speak now. and ambulances are speeding back and forth along the roads leading
Jun 1, 2011 6:00am EDT
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Jun 6, 2011 11:00pm PDT
, boston back in the stanley cup final series versus vancouver ugly hit. down goes erin rome -- or excuse me down goes horton after rome received a 5 minute penalty. horton ends up in the local hospital but was moving his extremities. hard to watch a game when you see a guy carried off like that. tim thomas had 40 saves. boston explored -- exploded to 8 goals. vancouver still leads the series 2 games to one. usc trojans are being force today give back their 2004 national title reggie bush got caught. >> all right. good night everybody. look, every day we're using more and more energy. the world needs more energy. where's it going to come from? ♪ that's why right here, in australia, chevron is building one of the biggest natural gas projects in the world. enough power for a city the size of singapore for 50 years. what's it going to do to the planet? natural gas is the cleanest conventional fuel there is. we've got to be smart about this. it's a smart way to go. ♪ and a forward thinking spirit. at bank of america, we've been fueling economic growth here for over a century. today we're
Jun 7, 2011 12:30am PDT
series versus vancouver ugly hit. down goes erin rome -- or excuse me down goes horton after rome received a 5 minute penalty. horton ends up in the local hospital but was moving his extremities. hard to watch a game when you see a guy carried off like that. tim thomas had 40 saves. boston explored -- exploded to 8 goals. vancouver still leads the series 2 games to one. usc trojans are being force today give back their 2004 national title reggie bush got caught. [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted. it was in my sister's neighborhood. i told you it was perfect for you guys. literally across the street from her sister. [ banker ] but someone else bought it before they could get their offer together. we really missed a great opportunity -- dodged a bullet there. [ banker ] so we talked to them about the wells fargo priority buyer preapproval. it lets people know that you are a serious buyer because you've been credit-approved. we got everything in order so that we can move on the next place we found. which was clear on the other side of town. [ male annou
Jun 21, 2011 12:00pm PDT
to wednesday and i think by the weekend, we'll see temperatures 20 degrees cooler -- cool erin the inland areas than they are today. the fog is trying to get back but now the west wind will start to take over. still, a lot of sunshine. maybe a couple of hours on the coast. but that fog will start surging up the santa santa cruz cote lines probably tonight and then a very strong system is going to dig into the west. today, if you are inland, it's hot. it's sunny. first day of summer. it's hot, it's nice. we'll get a sea breeze. really mild lows. anywhere from 70s, 80s to 90s and 100-degree temperatures well inland. but i think this will be it. we'll top it out. it will still be warm inland. temperatures, a lot of 90s. along the coast the temperatures will start to plunge, tori. and as they do, that will impact those tomorrow and for everybody friday hand saturday. if everything is correct, i think next tuesday, a week later, we'll be talking about 60s and 70s. >> wow. >> yeah. >> a little bit of a roller coaster. >> yes. >> thank you, steve. >>> the national park service is celebrating the first
May 31, 2011 9:30pm PDT
with julia roberts, erin brockovich. >> i've you had small peters. how did you feel when they said we're going to put a smart meet ner their home? you don't feel uneasy about it. and how you would feel going to work each day wondering if my work is toxic. hybrids are a -- they're eight times the level of an average commuter mind. high e.m.s. 52% than that. thont tonight it's brain follow is this good for the public? you need to have a moratorium that they're puting on this cab. in testing i'm told by the director ayisher -- it's your responsible to show us that these cats are not harmful. we also need to -- i think it's -- advised drivers and passengers that you should never ever use a cell phone in a car or taxi unless it's an energy. -- emergency. >> ken cue blenser, -- i'm a driver for the driving ed. i can certainly understand that the issue of part of the increase at the drop needs be clarified. it'ses two it's two issues. ahead of the that's a very complex separate issue. >> i've been paying a fuel surcharge for a couple of years ago now. they had higher expenses. i think that i
Jun 22, 2011 11:00pm EDT
's expected to drop to 20% in low erin come families, more plan to stay closer to home taking day trips and becoming local tourists. we want to know what are the best spots for those around the area? we posted a question in the facebook page so you can log on and tell us where you and your family are heading in the baltimore, dc area. folks already weighing n some say the inner harbor, one said a water taxi, annapolis, ellicott city and juan said one said she is staying in her bed. >> i would have liked to be out at that concert but it had to be unbelievable hot and just a steam baths with that mass of humanity ty. air temperature is 80 and downtown, still in the mid80s and the humidity high, 74%, sticky, sure it was worth it but man had to be hot. baltimore through the day. everybody went down to the stadium. i think that -- no question about it, one hot summer night. better looking sunset than last night out at robert w coleman and annapolis, a steamy, finish to a summer night here, in the state capitol. the radar, we have nothing, nada, expecting not much to be on the radar until pe
Jun 9, 2011 7:00am EDT
-for, actually. we have fans of the day today. they are erin and lee hedlund. now, allison, you will love this, erin and lee have been watching for last five years. >> okay. >> and we certainly appreciate that. today, though, their last day, unfortunately, as they are moving to memphis. we'll lose them as great viewer and hopefully great news for them as they move down south. they say they will miss the chemistry of the morning team and we wish you the best of luck. to be tomorrow's fan of the day find us on facebook by searching for fox 5 morning news. remember no space between the word fox and the number 5 and then post a comment under the their photo. >> it looks like one of the members of pen and teller there. good luck to you down in shelby county. >>> and speaking of memphis, blues and a big barbecue is happening this weekend at tinner hall blues festival. >> paul raphel is in falls church. good morning. >> reporter: it is hot out but i'm not sure if it's the weather or because they've already fired up the grill. we are featuring the blues festival, the theme this week is blues, beer and
Jun 21, 2011 9:00am EDT
. >> start off with skype. go to brooklyn, new york. we've got the beautiful erin from book lynn. erin, good morning. >> good morning. hi, al. hi, joy. great to be here. >> thank you. what's your question? >> well, my question is, as you can see i'm in my office and my co-workers and i are just about to go out on a morning coffee run. we've been having a debate, what has more caffeine, a shot of espresso or a cup of coffee? now, we want to make the healthiest choice. joy, what do you recommend? >> i think joy has already had a little caffeine. >> so you may be surprised by this. even though espresso has a reputation for giving us a huge jolt, a cup of coffee actually has more caffeine than a small serving of espresso. this is what people get tripped up. when you compare ounce to ounce, espresso has significantly more caffeine. that's because when we brew it we useless water so it's super concentrated in caffeine. an ounce of espresso has between 40 to 70 milligrams of caffeine and there's only a measly 15 milligrams of caffeine in an ounce of standard drip coffee. but, we drink at least an e
Jun 27, 2011 9:00am EDT
in the country," lillian evans and her daughters erin and missy say they are a messy reality. they're hear with mickey to help transform this home and this life. welcome to all of you. lillian, i saw you kind of shake your head when you saw those images. people at home are probably wondering, 17 years! how did you let it go that long and get to that point? >> well, it was a process. and a painful one, too. i knew when it was starting and i just -- it's painful to see it even now and it was painful to walk in. >> i'm sure it didn't happen overnight. >> it did not happen overnight and it was not how i used to be or grew up and that was the -- but it was the shutting down type of mode that i went into. >> missy, you still live in this house. you lived in this house your whole life. what was it like to be in that mess and did you really even realize how bad it had gotten? >> i kind of tuned it out a lot. i got used to it but i was always frustrated with it. >> but i understand it from reading about the story, you didn't necessarily help with the cleaning up either. >> i didn't do my part like
Jun 29, 2011 12:00pm PDT
intercontinental as the siege wore on. she's with us from kabul. erin, any new details about how the attackers got through the compound? >> reporter: right now, there has been nothing confirmed about how the attackers have entered the compound. the taliban are claiming they were able to infiltrate through shrubbery and bushes on one of the hills on the side of the hotel and were able to enter the east gates of the hotel because a wedding party was going on and they were able to slip in without being checked by security. that's unconfirmed now. that's what the taliban are saying about how they were able to enter the hotel. >> what's interesting about the hotel, erin, it's one that's often freaked by dignitaries, sometimes journalists as well. there is security around the compound but there are a lot of areas because it sits in isolation. isn't that correct? >> reporter: yes, there is security around the compound, however there are open areas. what i saw when i arrived closer to the hotel this morning is that there was just a very rudimentary fence around the front part of the hotel and where the ta
Jun 28, 2011 6:00am PDT
family watched the video. his sister erin said "it was heartbreaking to watch and see the shock and scared look on his face." what does this mean for the investigation? it's more evidence but it also shows that the man confronting stow is not giovanni ramirez. ramirez is the lead suspect in the case. that means there could be other suspects to consider. >> the implication is that if bryan stow was being wowed about his disdain for the dodgers, that there are multiple possible suspects here. >> a tape like this can be misleading to either side. >> as long as it doesn't show the actual incident occurring, it only opens the door speculation. >> reporter: giovanni ramirez is currently serving a 10-month jail sentence for violating parole. he is the lead suspect in this case and he was arrested in may in connection with the beating. lapd has gone through hundreds of pieces of video and surveillance video, as well. this latest video is just one more piece of evidence that they have to build their case. reporting live in san francisco, anser hassan, cbs 5. >>> thank you. 6:35 now. >>>
Jun 6, 2011 12:00am EDT
, then apparently gets on the computer herself and starts chatting with erin lynnb and explains how it would work. she says her boyfriend would have sex with both of us. as he's doing one of us, he would want us to play with each other. to verify phyllis was real, a decoy from perverted-justice spoke to her on the phone. >> good. how are you? this is erin. >> phyllis, the girlfriend doesn't show up. she apparently had to work. but southwest georgia male yes does. and he's now in our house and in hot pursuit of our decoy. >> can i give you a hug? >> have a seat. >> as the decoy walks behind the curtain, the man sees our camera crew and runs. >> he saw ron. he's coming out. he's coming out. >> and he keeps on running, even after sheriff's deputies order him to stop. >> get down! >> get down. >> finally, an officer's taser knocks him to the ground. after here's arrested, he's taken in for questioning. this man with the incredibly vulgar chat reveals something that ironically no longer surprises us. >> i was a minister in the church. >> what church you go to? >> baptist church. i don't want to go to
Comedy Central
Jun 14, 2011 6:55pm PDT
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Jun 1, 2011 4:00pm PDT
to be aware of this erin p, know what they look like, and be aware this person may be around. >> i was surprised. >> reporter: now she says she will never let her 5-year-old son out of her sight, but she's worried about the other kids who play at the complex. >> well, i don't like it, because we have a lot of kids around here, and they play outside almost every day. >> reporter: there are also plenty of kids nearby at four schools, including amber drive elementary. wayne page lives in this apartment. he served his time and for the first time in years is living with no parole and no probation. we talked to page himself outside his apartment about his crimes and the megan's law notification of his neighbors. >> this all happened 35 years ago. i'm not involved or wanting to do any such thing again, i just want to live my life peaceably, you know, in the community. and that's all i'm doing. >> reporter: but police are not convinced, which is why they want neighbors to know about page's past. so they can help officers keep a very close eye on him. police say in the '70s wayne page kidna
Jun 27, 2011 11:00pm PDT
erin sent a text to cbs saying she watched the video and quote, it was heart-breaking to watch and see the shock and scared look on his face. she's speaking of her brother. >> it's 12 seconds of a baseball game that lasted hours, and there's so much more that we don't know. >> particularly the fact that there are a number of fans seated in that section. that's in the bleachers second, it was very crowded the night of that game. so how many of those fans actually witnessed this event and how many of those individuals actually came forward to los angeles police. those are some of the questions we don't know tonight and that's crucial. >> hopefully, it will help identify people in case police can talk with them. thank you. >>> also, the governor is giving up on one plan for now but seems pretty hopeful about another. he is dropping his efforts for that special election this year that would ask voters to extend the tax increases but he's made a new budget deal with democratic leaders. elizabeth cook shows us what's noticeably absent from the new proposal. >> reporter: what a difference 11
Jun 5, 2011 7:30am EDT
and erin are two women, just like the two women who engage with us, and that there really is a personality, not some februarylous corporation behind skinny skip. >> the founder of one company explains why it's important to get out from behind your compute and do old-fashioned offline marketing. until then, i'm j.j. ramberg. and remember, until then, we make your business our business. this is my band from the 80's, looker. hair and mascara, a lethal combo. i'm jon haber of alto music. i've been around music my entire life. this is the first alto music i opened when i was 24. my business is all about getting music into people's hands. letting someone discover how great music is, is just an awesome thing. and the plum card from american express open helps me do that. i use it for as much inventory as i possibly can. from maracas... to drums... to dj equipment... you name it, i can buy it. and the savings that we get from the early pay discount on those purchases has given us money to reinvest back into our business and help quadruple
Jun 23, 2011 6:00pm PDT
erin 2cey. anth ongpoof e itns foat. d thrm maose thrpior blrost ndcobus ous ioomweiku. thyo tinporey neehprti ane m as p gb ccwgrg
Jun 30, 2011 2:05am PDT
behind. and a condo complex in florida that's simply had enough. erin guy of wpbv -- wpbf -- what does that say? where are my glasses? reports from west palm beach. >> reporter: you've done it before. and you probably have to dodge it on your daily walk or run. and let's face it, it's probably the only thing worse than stepping in gum. it's stepping in, well, you know. that problem may soon be eliminated at this condo complex. and those we talked to say they agree. no one wants to step in dog feces. but for people like karla owens, it's the fee to eliminate the problem that's actually the problem. >> i think it's discrimination. i'm paying for people who won't do their job. >> reporter: come august 1st residents will have to pay $200 for every animal they have living in the complex. the fee will cover the cost of this kit to dna swab their animal. but, for karla, the extra fee is just too much. >> i don't have the $200 so i'll have to get rid of my dog. i don't have a choice. >> reporter: a sad story for those who pick up what needs to be picked up. >> it's just not fair because some p
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Jun 9, 2011 5:00pm EDT
we are 81 days later. erin, how many days in a week? 85? not sure. 81 days later, 20 days since the war powers act has expired. he promised no boots on the ground. there were several reports that yes, americans have boots on the ground. i'm sure there might be feet and legs a people in those boots. i'm not sure. the only reports are from the white house tried and true source the jewel of journalism al-jazeera. now the president started a covert war in yemen. he announced uncertainty is hurting the economy. why is he continuing to make choices that led to more uncertainty? we are headed for real trouble. excuses aren't working anymore. he started the these aren't the droids you were looking for. nobody is buying it. fundamental transformation of america. changing america in to something it always has been, is the goal always has been the goal of this administration. there are enemies inside and outside the gates of our country. tonight, i hope to arm you with information so you can be part of the solution and not part of the problem, certainly not part of the brain dead sheep tha
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